Reasons to Invest in Mall Al Sokhna

Invest in Mall Al Sokhna

Orbit Developments has launched Al Sokhna Mall, the first and largest integrated commercial mall in the Ain Sokhna area, offering unparalleled investment opportunities.

Mall Al Sokhna enjoys a distinctive strategic location on the shores of the Red Sea in the heart of Ain Sokhna City, one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt. It boasts a unique architectural design and modern amenities, making it a focal point of interest for investors seeking exceptional investment opportunities.

Units have been carefully planned to provide stunning sea views, attracting tourists and visitors and offering them a different and unique shopping experience.

Thanks to the variety of prices and spaces offered by the owning company, Al Sokhna Mall is considered an ideal investment destination in one of the most vibrant areas of Ain Sokhna.

Mall Al Sokhna: Distinctive Design and Stunning Views of the Red Sea

A team of experienced consultants and engineers has designed Mall Al Sokhna. Spanning 8500 square meters, the mall comprises a ground floor and three upper floors.

The mall’s facades feature a modern design that directly overlooks the Red Sea coast, providing a magnificent panoramic view of the Red Sea Marina and Wadi El Dom. The mall includes a variety of commercial units with different sizes to suit all tastes and needs, in addition to a selection of upscale restaurants offering delicious cuisine from around the world. Moreover, it offers numerous diverse entertainment activities suitable for the entire family.

Surrounding the mall are vast green spaces that add to its natural charm. Thanks to the unique modern design and the diversity of units, Al Sokhna Mall shines as a unique architectural masterpiece on the Red Sea coast, representing an ideal choice for every investor seeking a golden and rewarding investment opportunity.

Why is Al Sokhna Mall Considered the Ideal Destination for Investors?

  • Exceptional and Distinctive Location

Mall Al Sokhna stands out with its strategic and distinctive location in the heart of Ain Sokhna, near Cairo, making it easily accessible from all parts of Egypt. It boasts stunning views overlooking the Red Sea Marina and Wadi El Dom.

  • Modern Design

The mall features a modern design that adds a unique aesthetic touch to it, with spacious green areas and a terrace directly overlooking the Red Sea, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and enjoying the picturesque natural scenery.

  • Integrated Services and Facilities

Going beyond its distinctive design, Al Sokhna Mall offers a variety of services and facilities to meet the needs and requirements of visitors. It houses retail stores offering renowned international brands, along with a diverse range of restaurants and cafes serving delicious food and beverages. To ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone, the mall includes dedicated entertainment areas for children, providing them with specially designed recreational activities. The shopping experience is further enhanced by a large hypermarket offering a wide range of food products and essential items, along with a pharmacy providing all medications and medical supplies around the clock.

Additionally, the mall provides a huge parking lot accommodating hundreds of cars and high-speed free Wi-Fi service for the convenience of visitors.

  • Safety and Protection

The mall also features an advanced security system, with a qualified security team stationed throughout the mall. Electronic security gates and high-quality surveillance cameras are available to ensure maximum safety and protection.

Invest in Mall Al Sokhna now and get a profitable investment opportunity

Investing in Mall Al Sokhna offers a lucrative opportunity with its prime location, unique design, and diverse amenities, attracting customers year-round. 

Orbit Developments provides unmatched investment prospects, allowing you to own a commercial unit in Al Sokhna Mall with just a 10% down payment and up to 8 years of installment plans. We prioritize making the investment process easy for you with flexible payment systems tailored to your budget.

Contact us today at 17102 to learn more about investment opportunities in Mall Al Sokhna!


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