Why Choose Marina Hills for Your Summer Vacation

Marina Hills for Your Summer Vacation

If you’re looking for a special summer vacation, you won’t find anything better than Marina Hills, one of the most famous and luxurious resorts in Ain Sokhna.

Marina Hills is a charming resort located on the Red Sea coast and one of the key projects of Orbit Developments, It stands out for its prime location, offering breathtaking views of the Red Sea, as well as its elegant modern designs that add a touch of luxury and beauty to the place.

With its diverse facilities and services catering to the needs of all family members, Marina Hills is the perfect choice for anyone seeking an exceptional summer experience in Ain Sokhna, one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations.

Why Marina Hills?

Marina Hills stands out with exceptional features that make it an ideal destination for both living and investment, Its unique location makes it easily accessible from all parts of Egypt, as it is only 82 kilometers away from the Zaafarana-Suez Road and near key landmarks in Ain Sokhna, including the 5-star Gravity Hotel and Mall Al Sokhna, the best shopping mall in Sokhna.

Moreover, Marina Hills enjoys a strategic location on the Red Sea coast, with all chalets, studios, and residential units directly facing the Red Sea. This allows residents and visitors to enjoy breathtaking views of the clear turquoise waters and indulge in all beach activities.

Marina Hills: A Unique Architectural Masterpiece on the Red Sea Coast

Orbit Developments didn’t just build a tourist resort in Ain Sokhna! They created an architectural masterpiece that embodies the highest standards of beauty and luxury.
Marina Hills is designed to be an iconic landmark among the tourist villages in the area.

Marina Hills stands out with its five-level construction, besides the ground level, and its attractive exterior designs crafted to the highest global standards by the best consultants and engineers, Only the premium building materials and vivid colors that harmonize with the surrounding nature are used, along with the provision of extensive green spaces and water bodies to ensure privacy between units and create a tranquil and beautiful environment.

Inside, the units are designed with modern décor to suit different tastes, with a variety of spaces to meet the needs of clients.

Marina Hills is primarily dedicated to green spaces and water bodies, creating a stunning natural environment. The remaining space is allocated to buildings and facilities, including residential units, studios, chalets, various-sized infinity swimming pools, a beach-type swimming pool, a sports club, an entertainment area designed specifically for children, jogging and cycling tracks, restaurants, and cafes.

All of this offers residents of Marina Hills a unique residential experience with breathtaking views, exceptional facilities and services, and a prime location in one of Egypt’s most famous tourist attractions.

Choose from a variety of spaces and enjoy a luxurious residential experience. 

Marina Hills offers diverse residential unit options to meet all clients’ needs, Utilizing space professionally, we’ve created residences of varying sizes, ranging from meticulously designed studios to one-bedroom and two-bedroom chalets, and even three-bedroom units, as well as integrated duplex units, providing ample space for large families and friends.

With this diversity, every client can choose the unit that suits their needs and budget effortlessly. Marina Hills not only offers a variety of spaces but also ensures modern designs to cater to the most refined tastes of clients, along with elegant finishes that guarantee the highest quality standards.

This provides the ideal residential unit to fit your needs and budget, offering a unique living experience in one of Ain Sokhna’s premier resorts.

Own your unit now and enjoy the utmost luxury and comfort

With just a 10% down payment and installment plans that can extend up to 10 years! Own your dream chalet and indulge in recreational facilities and a distinctive summer vacation in one of Ain Sokhna’s finest resorts. 

At Orbit Developments, we understand the varying needs of customers and have provided competitive prices and flexible payment systems to make it easy for customers to own their units in Marina Hills.

All these features have made Marina Hills th ideal choice for anyone looking to own a residential unit in one of Ain Sokhna Beach Resorts at Affordable Prices and enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation!


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