Top Investment Opportunities in Ain Sokhna

Top Investment Opportunities in Ain Sokhna

Invest in the heart of Ain Sokhna and seize diverse investment opportunities in Al Sokhna Mall, the first and largest integrated commercial mall in the area and one of Orbit Developments’ key projects.

The mall enjoys a prominent strategic location in the heart of Ain Sokhna, making it the focus of investors seeking lucrative investment opportunities. The distinction of Al Sokhna Mall is not limited to its strategic location alone; it boasts a modern design and a magnificent view of the Red Sea, in addition to a wide variety of commercial units housing famous international brands.

All of this ensures lucrative investment returns for investors and a unique shopping experience for visitors.

A Golden Investment Opportunity in the Heart of Ain Sokhna

Mall Al Sokhna stands out as a comprehensive destination for shopping and entertainment in the Ain Sokhna area. It boasts a strategic location at kilometer 82 on the Zaafarana Road, situated in the downtown facing Marina Wadi El Dom, This positioning makes it a central and desirable hub for both visitors and investors.

The mall’s design features contemporary architecture that blends the beauty of nature with modern aesthetics. It has been designed according to the latest global design standards to maximize the benefits of the coastal environment, Additionally, the mall offers a direct panoramic view of the Red Sea, allowing visitors to enjoy breathtaking natural scenery.

Mall Al Sokhna has contributed to the revitalization of the coastal area with its attractive façade and the creation of numerous new and distinctive landmarks.

The mall aims to achieve the highest investment returns in Egypt and the entire Arab world.

Mall Al Sokhna Mall is a unique destination that combines shopping, entertainment, and stunning natural landscapes, aiming to provide an unparalleled investment experience.

Shop Limitlessly with Breathtaking Sea Views

Mall Al Sokhna features a vast area spanning up to 8,500 square meters, consisting of a ground floor and three upper floors, with panoramic views of the Red Sea. The majority of this space is allocated for services, facilities, and extensive green spaces, adding a sense of tranquility and beauty to the place as a whole, The remaining space is designated for urban constructions and commercial units of all kinds.

Orbit Developments has ensured diverse options for investors and visitors by offering a variety of units and spaces in the mall to suit all their needs and desires. The mall has been intelligently designed to provide an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience, with commercial shops and international brands organized systematically across all floors. It also features spacious areas for upscale restaurants and cafes, a huge entertainment zone for children, and convenient public facilities catering to the needs of all family members.

These unique designs and distinctive spaces reflect meticulous planning to effectively meet the needs of visitors and customers, giving Mall Al Sokhna a unique and rich diversity in the services it offers

Services and Features of Mall Al Sokhna Mall

The mall offers a world-class level of commerce to provide you with the highest levels of luxury and entertainment, It includes a diverse range of international brands and a huge hypermarket that meets all your needs, as well as banks, pharmacies, restaurants, and cafes serving the most delicious international foods and beverages, There’s also a massive entertainment area and dedicated spaces for children’s play.

In consideration of visitors’ comfort, Orbit has provided a terrace overlooking the Red Sea directly, creating an atmosphere conducive to peace and relaxation during the shopping experience,  Additionally, a six-story garage has been provided, accommodating hundreds of cars, along with round-the-clock security and surveillance cameras scattered throughout the mall.

All these services have made Sokhna Mall more than just a shopping center; it’s a comprehensive entertainment destination that caters to the needs of all family members, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest in the heart of Ain Sokhna.

Invest in Mall Al Sokhna now with the easiest payment systems

Orbit Developments offers easy and flexible payment systems to facilitate investors in owning the commercial unit they desire.

With only a 10% down payment and installment plans of up to 8 years! Get diverse investment opportunities and choose from a wide range of commercial units that meet your needs and aspirations in the best commercial mall in Ain Sokhna.

Contact us now at 17102 and discover more about investment opportunities in Mall Al Sokhna!


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