Shops for sale in installments in Ain Sokhna

Take the opportunity to buy shops for sale in installments in Ain Sokhna in the first and most important shopping center in the region “Mall Al Sokhna” and enjoy different spaces and prices to suit all your needs!

Mall Al Sokhna is the first, largest, and most important shopping center in Ain Sokhna and one of the most important projects of Orbit Developments.

Mall Al Sokhna is distinguished by being an exceptional investment destination due to its strategic location in the middle of Ain Sokhna, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt, and near the cities of Cairo and Al Galala, which makes it easy to access from Cairo and neighboring cities, The mall is also distinguished by its breathtaking view of the Red Sea and its diverse units, as it provides many shops with different spaces and prices to suit the different needs of investors, making it an ideal destination for investors looking for high returns in a unique and distinguished location.

Shops for sale in installments in Ain Sokhna in a unique location!

Mall Al Sokhna boasts a prime location at km 82 on the Suez-Zaafarana road, offering stunning Red Sea views and nestled amidst beautiful mountains and greenery.

The mall is distinguished by its contemporary design that combines the beauty of nature and modern architecture, and it is featured by being the largest prestigious shopping area in Sokhna, where it was fully completed on an area of 8500 square meters and consists of a ground floor and three upper floors, all of which include commercial units, restaurants, cafes, services, and facilities. Distinguished with a terrace and a full glass facade overlooking the Red Sea directly, it adds more beauty and sophistication and makes it an ideal destination for both investors and visitors looking for an exceptional shopping experience on the Red Sea coast.

Exceptional shopping experience on the Red Sea coast

The advantages of Mall El Sokhna are not limited to its unique and modern design or the diversity of its units and shops, but Mall Al Sokhna also provides a wide range of integrated services for visitors and investors, from shops selling the most famous international brands and security and guarding services around the clock, seven days a week, cleaning, and maintenance, to entertainment services where

The mall includes an entertainment area specially designed for children with the highest levels of security and protection, restaurants and cafes with a panoramic view of the Red Sea serving the most delicious and delicious food and drinks around the world, a large parking lot for easy parking, and other services that meet the needs of all family members.

Mall Al Sokhna is also distinguished by its highly experienced management, which always works to provide the best services for investors and visitors.

All this has made Mall El Sokhna an ideal destination for every investor who wants a unique and rewarding investment experience.

Mall Al Sokhna: Unique investment opportunity in the heart of Ain Sokhna

Orbit Developments, the owner of Mall El Sokhna, has been keen to provide a variety of spaces and prices for commercial units, in addition to offering shops for sale in installments in Ain Sokhna, which allows investors to choose the unit that suits their needs and budget.

It’s not just about the variety of spaces and prices! Mall El Sokhna also offers a world-class retail experience, by providing a wide range of international and local brands, which meets all the shopping needs of consumers.

Mall Al Sokhna is distinguished by its high occupancy rates, which guarantees rewarding investment returns for investors, as the mall is a distinctive tourist destination surrounded by many famous tourist attractions in Ain Sokhna, which ensures a large flow of visitors and increases profit opportunities for investors.

Due to these advantages, Mall Al Sokhna has become an exceptional investment destination, allowing investors to benefit from rewarding returns on their investments, while providing visitors with a unique shopping and entertainment experience.

Own your commercial unit in Mall El Sokhna with the easiest payment methods

Orbit Developments makes investing in Mall Al Sokhna easier than ever. We offer flexible payment plans stretching up to 8 years, so you can own a unit in this top shopping destination without breaking the bank. 

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity and contact us today at 17102!


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