Explore the Shopping Delights of Ain Sokhna

Explore the Shopping Delights of Ain Sokhna

Discover the shopping delights at Mall Al Sokhna, the first and largest integrated commercial mall in the Ain Sokhna area, and one of the latest projects of Orbit Developments.

The mall boasts a prime strategic location on the Red Sea coast in the heart of Ain Sokhna city, one of Egypt’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

Featuring unique architectural design and a wide array of commercial units housing famous international brands, the mall provides visitors with an exceptional and distinctive shopping experience in the heart of this charming city. 

With numerous restaurants and cafes, visitors can enjoy a delicious meal or a relaxing break while shopping.

All of this has made Sokhna Mall an ideal destination for families and friends to enjoy a fun shopping experience.

A Strategic and Distinctive Destination on the Red Sea Coast

Orbit Developments carefully selected the location of Mall Al Sokhna to become a true investment and a distinctive landmark in Ain Sokhna, one of Egypt’s most beautiful coastal cities. With this strategic location, Mall Al Sokhna has become the distinguished waterfront destination in Ain Sokhna, and one of the most prominent shopping centers along the Red Sea coast.

Situated at kilometer 82 on the Suez-Zafarana Road, near Downtown and Marina Wadi El Dome, and close to all major areas in the city, Sokhna Mall has become easily accessible from all over Egypt.

Mall Al Sokhna Architectural Marvel Awaits! 

Mall Al Sokhna stands out as a captivating architectural masterpiece that blends the splendor of modern design with the beauty of breathtaking nature, becoming an exceptional destination for shopping and entertainment on the Red Sea coast. Designed with a unique contemporary architectural style by a team of experienced consultants and engineers, it exudes an innovative touch that embodies the latest standards of design and beauty.

The mall is constructed on a vast area of ​​8500 square meters, spread across three wide natural terraces, comprising the ground floor and three repeated floors.

Moreover, the mall offers its visitors an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience, with a wide range of international stores catering to all tastes and needs, alongside various restaurants and cafes providing luxurious services at the highest level.

A Shopping and Entertainment Experience Like No Other on the Red Sea Coast

Mall Al Sokhna is more than just a shopping center; it’s a comprehensive destination that offers everything you’re looking for in modern shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle experiences. With its prime location and diverse services, Sokhna Mall ensures you a distinctive and unique shopping experience.

Featuring numerous stores selling the most famous international brands in fashion, accessories, and technology, the mall also offers a huge hypermarket stocked with all the food essentials you may need during your summer vacation. Additionally, it offers a wide range of restaurants and cafes serving delicious foods and beverages, as well as pharmacies operating 24/7.

In addition to entertainment services and dedicated play areas for children, allowing adults to enjoy shopping while their children are entertained. 

Orbit Developments ensures the comfort and safety of visitors by providing high-speed internet services, a massive parking lot accommodating hundreds of cars, and round-the-clock security services with camera surveillance to ensure the highest levels of safety.

All these features and more make Mall Al Sokhna the perfect choice for anyone looking for a fun and different shopping experience.

Shop at Mall Al Sokhna and Discover the True Joy of Shopping

With Mall Al Sokhna, Escape ordinary shopping and discover a world of modern design, breathtaking nature, and Red Sea panoramas.

As soon as you enter Mall Al Sokhna, you will find yourself in a world of diversity, entertainment, and exciting experiences. It’s not just an ordinary shopping center; it’s a comprehensive commercial center that provides you with everything you need in one place, with the highest levels of comfort, enjoyment, and safety for you and your family.

So, don’t hesitate to visit Mall Al Sokhna and discover the true joy of shopping at the best shopping mall in Sokhna.


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