Book your commercial unit in Mall Al Sokhna

Book your commercial unit in Mall Al Sokhna

Book your commercial unit in Mall Al Sokhna with Orbit Developments and enjoy a real investment experience and a rewarding return with the first and largest integrated commercial mall in the region.

Mall Al Sokhna is a distinctive landmark in the heart of Ain Sokhna for investment lovers, as Orbit Company has chosen a strategic location for it on the Red Sea coast, distinguished by its proximity to the most important vital areas and main roads, which provides easy access to it.

It is designed with modern and contemporary international designs, in addition to the great diversity of commercial and administrative units with different areas, which meets the needs of all customers and investors, to become a distinctive destination for shopping and entertainment.

Invest in Mall Al Sokhna Prime Red Sea Location

Mall Al Sokhna is distinguished by its unique strategic location on the Red Sea coast, easy to access from all over Egypt. It was carefully selected by Orbit Developments to be a distinctive landmark in Ain Sokhna and a charming waterfront that attracts investors from all over the world.

Mall Al Sokhna is located near the cities of Cairo and Galala, 82 kilometers from the Suez-Zafarana Road. It also features charming views of the vast green spaces and the clear blue sea waters, making it an ideal destination for shopping and entertainment for residents of Cairo and neighboring cities.

A Masterpiece of Architecture on the Red Sea Coast

Mall Al Sokhna l is a unique architectural masterpiece on the Red Sea coast. Built on a massive area of 8500 square meters by highly experienced engineers and consultants, it is one of the largest malls on Sokhna Road.

The mall consists of a ground floor and three upper floors, with fully glazed facades and a modern design overlooking the Red Sea coast, providing a breathtaking panoramic view of the Red Sea, Marina Wadi El Dom.

Orbit Developments has also provided many shops inside the mall with various and different areas to suit all needs, with the largest proportion of the total area being allocated to green spaces.

The mall also includes many upscale restaurants and various entertainment activities, making it an integrated shopping center for visitors to Sokhna.

Mall Al Sokhna Mall is an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience

Mall Al Sokhna offers its visitors an unparalleled shopping and entertainment experience through a variety of essential public facilities and diverse entertainment services, including:

  • Vast green spaces provide a calm and beautiful environment while shopping.
  • Shops of the most famous brands that meet the different needs of all shoppers.
  • Restaurants and cafes offer the most delicious food and drinks from all over the world.
  • A safe and equipped entertainment area specially designed for children.

Orbit Developments, the owner of Mall Al Sokhna, has been keen to provide the highest levels of security and protection for its visitors. This includes secure electronic doors with modern technology to ensure maximum security, a highly trained security team with modern surveillance, and cameras covering all parts of the mall.

A multi-story garage that can accommodate hundreds of cars.

All of this has made Sokhna Mall an ideal destination for customers and investors.

Real Investment Opportunity on the Red Sea Coast

Mall Al Sokhna is a distinctive investment opportunity for anyone looking for a real investment experience! It enjoys a strategic location on the Red Sea coast, international designs, and diversity in units, making it a distinctive destination for shopping and entertainment, and guarantees rewarding investment returns.

As Orbit Developments realizes the importance of providing flexible payment systems that meet the needs of all investors, it offers distinctive payment systems for Sokhna Mall, the best shopping center in the region.

With only a 10% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years! Book your commercial unit in Sokhna Mall, the best commercial mall in Ain Sokhna, and enjoy an ideal investment opportunity in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Egypt.

For more information about the distinctive payment systems and how to book units in Sokhna Mall, contact us at 17102.


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