The best shopping mall in Sokhna

The best shopping mall in Sokhna

Planning a memorable vacation with family and friends in Ain Sokhna promises endless fun and relaxation. To truly complete this experience, you need the perfect shopping destination – a place offering everything you desire under one roof. Look no further than Mall Al Sokhna, the architectural masterpiece brought to you by Orbit Developments.

Mall Al Sokhna is characterized by its unique modern design that combines the spirit of modern architecture with charming and picturesque nature. It is located in a distinguished location in the heart of Ain Sokhna at kilometer 82 on the Suez-Zaafarana Road and near the cities of Cairo and Al Galala, which makes it close to the residents and visitors of the two cities.

Mall Al Sokhna offers its visitors an unparalleled shopping experience, starting from shops selling the most famous international brands, to restaurants serving the most delicious food around the world, along with many services and recreational activities with the highest levels of security and protection.

Sokhna Mall: Perfect Design and Location on the Red Sea

Mall Al Sokhna is distinguished by its design by experienced and highly skilled consultants and engineers. The mall is 8,500 square meters, with three stories up and a base floor, all facades of the mall are made of glass with a modern heritage overlooking the sea, providing a panoramic view of the Red Sea, Marina Wadi Al Dom.

The mall provides a variety of commercial units with different areas to suit all tastes and needs, from shops selling the most famous international brands to high-end restaurants and various recreational activities, in addition to the vast green spaces surrounding the mall, which adds a beautiful natural beauty to the place.

Why has Mall Al Sokhna become the best shopping mall in Sokhna?

Mall Al Sokhna is featured by its unique and strategic location in the heart of Ain Sokhna, its modern design by the best engineers and consultants, and its panoramic view of Marina Wadi Al Dom and the Red Sea. However, what distinguishes Al Sokhna Mall is that it provides its visitors with many services and facilities that meet all their needs and requirements. It provides many shops selling the most famous brands in the world of fashion, and many restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious food and drinks, and recipes worldwide. It also has entertainment areas dedicated to children, which allows adults to experience shopping in comfort. In contrast, their children indulge in the many recreational activities that have been specially designed for them.

The advantages of Mall Al Sokhna are not limited to the diversity of its shops and its distinctive entertainment, but it also offers exceptional services that complete your shopping experience. The mall provides a large hypermarket that includes all kinds of food and drinks, all the basic supplies you are looking for, and a pharmacy that provides all the necessary medicines and medical supplies around the clock.

The mall also provides a huge multi-storey car park that can accommodate hundreds of cars and free high-speed Wi-Fi service, in addition to the highest levels of security and protection through a qualified security team, electronic security gates, and surveillance cameras in all parts of the mall, which allows you to feel safe throughout your stay at Mall Al Sokhna.

Own your commercial unit in the best shopping mall in Sokhna

For everyone who wants an exceptional shopping experience and a real investment, Mall Al Sokhna is your ideal destination.

With a down payment starting from only 10% and installments of up to 8 years, you can own your commercial unit in the best shopping mall in Ain Sokhna. Among the many diverse shops and at competitive prices, Orbit Developments offers flexible payment systems that suit all needs and requirements so that all investors can own the unit they want.

So if you are looking for a place to shop, entertain, or invest, Mall Al Sokhna is your best choice, not only because it is the best shopping mall in Sokhna, but also because it is an integrated destination that meets all your needs.

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